Ready To Let Go

People sometimes worry that it will be scary doing this kind of work. That they won’t be able to handle the big emotions that are buried deep. But more often than not, it’s just a huge relief to let them go.

I still remember one client, a few years ago, very vividly. I suddenly felt this overwhelming wave of gratitude flooding from their body. I don’t know what we released exactly, but I sure felt that gratitude!! Their body was so happy to release that burden. It was so thankful to me for helping it do so.

It’s pushing our emotions down that’s a problem. They feel too much to deal with at the time, but pushing them aside is supposed to be a temporary measure, until we have the resources to be able to feel them. Feeling really is the way through- they just need to be acknowledged.

If they stay stuck in the body for too long, they start to cause problems, like illness and pain. When we release them, the body can function better, and you usually feel lighter and free-er as a result.

Tears are often a sign of the heart being open. You’d be surprised how often we actually end up in tears of laughter!