The Evolution

I am a highly sensitive empath, intuitive and a natural Healer. When I stumbled into a Spiritualist Church for guidance as a new widow, they quickly saw my potential and trained me to work in their healing room. My abilities as a healer have manifested in many earth lives, as far back as at least Atlantis. Through years of work and training, I have recovered my connection to ancient abilities and now happily navigate the Quantum realm with confidence.

I started out in the Health Science field in 2001, doing Massage and Bowen for many years with a lot of clients who had trauma histories. The move to working with the nervous system, via the fascia was a no-brainer to better assist these clients. It was a great way to combine my different interests and skills (energy healing, coaching/mentoring and emotional clearing techniques were easily integrated into treatments as needed). I’d seen where the gaps were in the majority of treatments on offer when healing my own various traumas, and became more and more interested in working in those spaces.  I was also invested in finding ways of healing trauma that weren’t so painful and heavy. 

I hoped that by framing my larger work within the structure of massage, I could make it more accessible. And also a way to contain and legitimise the more “woo-woo” aspects of what I did. Most people’s experiences on my massage table were blissful and gentle, with many releasing pain they had held onto for years. So I persevered, working on the fringes of what could reasonably be called “massage” and weaving in my own brand of “magic” to release both cellular memory and subtle influences from beyond the body.

The suggestion by someone familiar with my work, that I should be able to continue working with clients who had relocated out of Melbourne because 90% of what I was doing was energetic, was something that I had not considered. I experimented with existing clients, who reported that they felt the same as if they’d actually been on my table, and began offering Distance Sessions sometime around 2017. Over time the work has evolved to become faster and more complex. It’s current incarnation, EBANSHI, leaves the scope of my previous hands-on work in the weeds. In the wake of the effects of 2020, it became time to leave the safety of bodywork behind and step fully into the nervous system support of the future.

I regularly swap sessions with a colleague in Sweden to keep developing the work, and also to experience receiving it. I still work primarily through the physical body (the fascia and nervous system), so some results are remarkably physical.  Other times (or concurrently) we work on more intangible issues like past life trauma, interdimensional DNA work and soul blueprint repair. This really is the most remarkable work of my career, and it continues to evolve and become more refined over time.

A 30 minute EBANSHI session can shift more deeply and thoroughly than a 90 minute hands-on session, because of its multi-level approach. In addition to the slower-is-faster work that the nervous system needs, I can run several other streams of work on other levels. It’s like having several browser windows open at once on your computer, each processing different actions at their own speed, in various dimensions, realities and timelines. I am assisted by many high level Light Beings, Angelics, Earth, Faery and Elemental Energies and Masters in my Healing Team, and spend great time and care in the set-up for each session to ensure your safety.

I also greatly value my own safety, privacy and recovery time. Please utilise the online systems provided for contacting me, booking and paying for sessions. Your safety and respect is foremost in my mind when I am given the privilege of connecting to your system to work. I manage my time and health carefully to ensure that I can give you my best when we are together. Therefore, please restrict phone contact to urgent matters, directly affecting your session (e.g. if you are running late or unable to make your appointment).


I started with a Health Science Diploma in Massage in 2001-2003. (2 years of full-time study. It was later migrated to a Remedial Massage Diploma as terminology and training changed).
I concurrently studied all 7 levels of Bowen Therapy that were available at the time through the Bowtech Academy. They also changed their training structure and I declined to spend more money to have my qualifications officially recognised by health funds.
Over the years I attended many workshops and series on a variety of healing topics – understanding the Chakras, Crystal Healing, Energy Work, Touch For Health, Life Lessons work.
The Bach Flower Institute – Levels 1 and 2.
2003: Trained as a Healer at the Maylands Christian Spiritualist Church and worked in their healing room for a couple of years.
2005-07: Partial completion of an Analytical Coaching certificate at The Churchill Clinic (Psychotherapy training school in Perth), before the school closed down due to the Global Financial Crisis. In addition, engaging in 50 hours of personal Psychotherapy was a requirement of this course.
Several years of Heart Mastery / Mystery School training with the Cosmosis Mentoring Academy. I found a lot of value from these years of spiritual development mentoring, and in the Cosmosis Process itself – which works at the Emotional level, rather than mental. During this time, I abstained from coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or gossip, was constantly engaged in course work and attended a number of Retreats (including one for sexual abuse survivors which was both personally life-changing and gave me many insights into the many ways that this type of abuse shows up, and which approaches to healing could be most useful).
2012: Cert IV in Life Coaching and Mentoring – Global Coaching Academy.
2014-2018: I completed 3 lots of training with MJB Seminars to learn their Equilibration Technique. Then I discovered The Spiral (Advanced Clearing Technique), which worked on similar principles (Emotional Clearing) but was a better fit for me. I completed Practitioner Training and several Advanced Practitioner trainings. I would recommend caution for people with Trauma histories before engaging in these techniques. Make sure that the Practitioner you choose has adequate training to support you safely, and is an ethical/values match. A lot of the techniques borrowed from Coaching and NLP can be quite manipulative. I no longer use these techniques myself, but certainly found them beneficial at the time.
Several years of membership with ANTA required 20 hours of CEU training yearly and Senior First Aid training every 2-3 years. Besides additional specific training in Cranio Sacral Technique and Myofascial Release Technique, I chose whatever massage training seemed most relevant to my clients. I also enrol in courses at NICABM (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine) on topics relating to trauma, anxiety, nervous system regulation, etc. so that I can be more trauma-informed.
With the move more fully into Energy Healing, I have switched my professional registration from ANTA to IICT (2021), which recognises my additional skills.