Fluffy Spirituality

One of the things I dislike about the fluffy, woo woo side of spirituality, is that it puts so many people off the truth. Why? Because it is so inauthentic. Sure, it must be lovely to float around dreamily in the ethereal realms, but is that really what we are here for? Surely there is a time and place for that between incarnations? What good does it do to come down here and refuse to participate. 

My understanding of life on this planet is that we are meant to get our hands (and our feet) dirty. We are meant to be grounded before we reach upward. The rules here say that we must become part of the dysfunction in order to heal it. We cannot rush in and rescue from the outside. It doesn’t work that way. 

Boo to the sanitised Disney version of stories that sell us on tales of princesses waiting listlessly to be rescued. Fuck that! I re-wrote Rapunzel and she rescued herself! It was obvious to me even as a child that she could always do so. Rapunzel was a cautionary tale about gas-lighting, comfort zones and attachment, in my opinion. I believe the grimmer origins of these fairytale stories were always much more truthful.

After all, the problems here are very real. How can we resolve them without taking part? Spirituality is more than just fluffy positivity. It is life. And life is shit and blood, mud, pain and disappointment. It is also joy, inspiration, love and elation. It is all of it. We need to get amongst it more and connect to all of it. Only then will we get closer to the truth, in my opinion. 

Namaste, truth-seekers.
Love your work.

*Image by Victoria Borodinovia from Pixabay.