Some Days Are Hard

Today I am tired, disheartened and disappointed in my lack of vitality/progress. It makes it hard to keep my vibration high. I am not patient. I don’t always feel loving. I feel like crap! How am I supposed to bring positive change to the world like this? 

But I look around and I see that many other people on the light path feel this way too.

So, I rest for a bit. It makes it easier for me to remember who I really am. Then I check in and see that my vision and passion for what I want to create with my life is no less than it was before. I note that I have done a lot of work to learn the things I need to learn in order to take action on those things. That knowledge has not gone anywhere. I can still access it.

And so, I know that I will move through this present phase. I will find the stamina, the courage and the commitment to be productive and positive again. 

I also note that part of the reason that I am so tired is because of how hard I fought to get here. I am getting used to working a job that is physically demanding, mentally and emotionally exhausting, so that I can put a roof over my head and provide for my daughter. 

This may not be my bigger vision, but it is one of the steps in the plan towards that vision. And I am still making positive changes with the work that I do now. So, I remind myself that this is part of the plan. That this is OK.

I am no less a warrior, for feeling battle-weary. Wounds need time to heal before charging off to rejoin the fray. Stamina and strength need to be rebuilt, or we will surely fall. Then it will take even longer to get back out there..

So, I will endure where I am for now, knowing that it has a purpose. I will gather my resources and I will look at the steps I need to take from here to get to where I want to be. I will take the first step and then I will be closer.

Maybe this will help someone else who is feeling this way. 
Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith in yourself and your vision. Even if you don’t feel it right now. Go back to what you KNOW. You know you’ve got this. You know what’s true. You know what’s important. 

Dreams take a little bit of space in order to come to fruition. Maybe what’s happening right now is just pushing you to clear some?

*Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels.