Stormy Emotions

From Jan 2016

We don’t always enjoy our stormy emotions, but maybe we should appreciate them more? Like real storms, they clear all the things out that we’ve been neglecting. And we always feel better, and clearer after they have passed. (Maybe it’s all those negative ions they create?)

I once had two magnificent gum trees in my front yard. But they were planted too close to the house.. One day a mini tornado ripped through my suburb. I could see the wall of black clouds in my rear view mirror, as I drove towards school with my daughter. I still remember shock of seeing the devastation when I returned home. Both trees were down, laying over the street. It quickly turned to gratitude, as neighbours appeared to guide me to park my car safely, while they continued working with chainsaws to clear the debris for me (I was newly on my own, after separating from my husband).

Then there were many more things to be grateful for. That nobody had been walking or driving down the street in that storm. That they hadn’t fallen onto the house (in fact they had fallen in exactly to right way to miss my letterbox, and because my picket fence was made of flexible plastic, it hadn’t even damaged that!). That my daughter had been safely at school, several suburbs away. My chickens, my clinic space, and my mango tree were all untouched in the backyard. And I got to feel cared for by my wonderful neighbours. I also got to trust implicitly in the energetic protection that I always have over my home. Oh, and my neighbours got bags of the best organic mangoes I’ve ever tasted.