The Herkimer ‘Diamond’

I’ve discovered that the Herkimer Diamond is the symbolic representation of my business.

I was shown this crystal during some recent healing work and the connection to the work I do was immediately obvious. It’s funny, because I had long identified myself as being like a quartz crystal – clearing and amplifying energy for my clients. Turns out my business was one step ahead of me (because this business is an entity/thought form/concept in its own right). It had already chosen this particularly high vibration version of quartz as its representation and was waiting for me to catch up.

Quality after quality of these stones that I researched was a direct reflection of aspects of my EBANSHI work. I was so on board with this crystal as my mascot. Check it out;


For a start, they are particularly suited for inter-dimensional work [check],

They unite body, mind, spirit, multi-dimensions and consciousness into an integrated whole [I help do that],

They are particularly associated with neural pathways, cellular structure and DNA. Re-structuring etheric DNA by drawing in energy to create neural pathways and facilitate cellular informational downloads [hello, nervous system and fascia!!],

They assist in bringing high frequency energy into the physical body and increase the amount of light energy that the body can utilise [energy work but also physical. Am I right?],

They assist in removing energetic cords, arrows and patterns and are particular healers of the emotional body [this can be a thing],

They attune you to a much higher reality, helping you become more coherent at every level of being [my reason for being!],

They help to break old patterns and retrieve and reintegrate fragmented parts of the soul [again!],

They can pick up and magnify the frequencies of other stones, making them feel stronger [yes. amplifying what’s already there. assisting. not exerting power over],

They connect the highest levels of spirit to the physical body and the earth, assisting vibrational ascension while in a human body [isn’t that what it’s all about right now?],

They call forth your deepest dreams and highest visions and ground the highest possible spiritual energies into the physical world [what is the earth circle about if not this?],

They can help purify your energy field and attune it to the white light of Divine essence [isn’t this the essence of what most “healing” work is?],

They can assist you to look at your deepest self and bring the light of spirit into the dark places [for those who wanna go there],

They promote past-life recall of injuries and disease affecting your present life [I’m always looking for this kind of stuff and trying to disconnect it],

They facilitate gentle release and transformation, bringing the Soul’s purpose forward and activating the Light body [gentle is one of my keywords. another one is safe.],

They can align the incarnated portion of your soul with parts that exist in other dimensions, transmute poverty consciousness from past life vows, reconnect to your soul knowing and heal the earth chakra [so much of this and more can happen with Quantum realm work].


I was all like, duh!, this crystal is totally my peeps! It’s a reflection of everything I do and am about – both with EBANSHI and the Earth Reverence Healing Circle. This spectacularly bright little guy in the picture is on its way to me, and will help me tune into all of the other Herkimer Diamonds on earth when I work (because I forgot that the crystal kingdom is willing to work with me like that).

Because I work with so many plates on sticks, spinning at once (metaphorically), and am aware of so many aspects and potential pathways of influence during my sessions, I can get a bit “forest for the trees” with things and find it hard to explain in clear, human language. So, hopefully my crystal friend has helped provide some clarity around what the heck I actually do.


* photo credit: @galaxy*gems (eBay).

* references: The Book Of Stones (Robert Simmons/Naisha Ahsian), 100 Power Crystals (Judy Hall), The Crystal Bible (Judy Hall).