Recalibrate Your Body



This process was created to assist your physical body to re-calibrate and adapt to the rapid change and incoming higher light frequencies that are pouring into the planet.

It is recommended to listen to this recording at night before bed, as there is an additional 10 minutes of music to help you drift off to sleep, and some extra energy encoded (total: 30 mins).

If you wish to listen during the day, then you can just stop the recording at the end of the guided section (approx. 21 mins).

Many blessings,
Ursula Faye

“I highly recommend this beautiful healing video, full of Peaceful energies to restore not only your body, but your mind, spirit and emotions as well.

You will feel your heart lift as you relax and allow Ursula, a master healer who works from the highest of intentions, to lead you through this brief yet potent healing journey, full of higher Love. Invite in your loved ones on a soul level so they can benefit as well. I will be listening to this many times!”

– Caroline Oceana Ryan, author and channeler


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