Expanded Body and Nervous System Healing + Integration (EBANSHI)

After many years of working with bodies – following the cues of unprocessed trauma through the nervous system, into an expanded model of the human body / energy system and beyond – I found that I had outgrown the frameworks I started with.  I’ve moved far beyond remedial massage, and energy work into the Quantum realm. 


The nervous system remains the focus of my work, because this is what is in charge during times of stress. And I speak its language. The human Myofascial Network is a highly intelligent information super-highway into the nervous system and beyond – to the subtle Energy Bodies and the Quantum Field (The Expanded Body!).  This intuitively led, trauma-informed, energy-infused work allows the body to release any cellular memory which negatively impacts physical/emotional health and soul evolution. 


Touch is no longer needed to affect the physical body.  And the speed and depth of work possible via the medium of Distance Work reaches far beyond what was previously possible, to address more of the influences that affect us from this life, our ancestral and Soul lineages, different timelines, realities, levels and dimensions.  


Light workers often carry trauma from many lifetimes.  As we move further into the Aquarian Age, we are able to access far more of our gifts and knowledge than ever before.  But we are also being asked to resolve the damage, agreements, programming and Karmic entanglements of thousands of lifetimes.  If you have already done your work – (sufficient talk therapy, personal and spiritual development inquiry is a definite pre-requisite), but feel there is still something you haven’t been able to reach – EBANSHI may be what you are looking for.

Earth Reverence Healing Circles are live-streamed each Friday morning from Melbourne, Australia. We use this time together to direct love and support to Gaia, Mother Earth during this time of ascension and great change.
Helping – through our collective intentions and visions, and magnified by the group energy – to bring through the new age of love, unity, peace and abundance for ALL upon the Earth.

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