Welcome! I am a Melbourne-based Remedial Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, who specialises in releasing stored trauma and emotions from the body.  The combination of bodywork with talk therapy is now recognised as vital for the successful treatment of unresolved past trauma. The nervous system MUST be addressed, because this is what is in charge during times of stress.

Weaving together my own lived experiences of recovering from trauma with professional training in bodywork, energy healing, and human behavior – I have developed a unique way of working directly with the nervous system,via the Fascia (connective tissue network).  This trauma-informed work allows the body to release any cellular memory which negatively impacts physical health and mental/emotional functioning – creating much needed space for healing.

Many years of working with the body system as a whole – addressing the Physical Body, as well as the various Energy Bodies – led to the discovery that physical touch (while preferable for some) isn’t necessary in order to effect change on the whole system.  And so, the Distance version of my bodywork was born.

Get to know me better, and the role that the body has in healing trauma, by viewing the video below.