COVID considerations mean that in-person Bodywork is unavailable until further notice (after November 1). All New Bodywork inquiries will need to book a FREE Discovery Call to ensure that this work is suitable for you.

Welcome! I am a Melbourne-based Bodyworker/Energy Healer, who specialises in releasing unprocessed trauma and emotions stored in the (expanded) body, via the nervous system.  Combining talk therapy with bodywork is now recognised by the mainstream as vital for the treatment of unresolved trauma. 

Lightworkers often carry trauma from many lifetimes. If you have already done heaps of talk therapy, personal and/or spiritual development, but feel there is still something you haven’t been able to reach – this work may be what you are looking for.

The nervous system MUST be addressed, because this is what is in charge during times of stress. The Myofascial (connective tissue) Network is a highly intelligent information super-highway into the nervous system and beyond – to the subtle Energy Bodies and the Quantum Field (The Expanded Body!).  This trauma-informed, energy-infused work allows the body to release any cellular memory which negatively impacts physical/emotional health and soul evolution. 

Many years of working with the human body system in an expanded way – led to the discovery that physical touch (while preferable for some) isn’t necessary in order to effect change on the whole system.  And so, the Distance version of my work was born. I now work with clients from all over the world.

Get to know me better, and the role that the body has in healing trauma, by viewing the video below.