Ursula Faye - Nervous System Whisperer.

If you identify as a highly sensitive person, a link-breaker, a change-bringer, lightworker, starseed, etc.  – then you are probably in the right place.

Especially if your experiences motivate you to try and make the world better. And you have done a tonne of work to manage your own wounds, so that you don’t project your pain onto others.

I imagine your nervous system could use some help!

Residue from difficult life experiences gets stored in our physical bodies and nervous system, as well as in our energy field. This alone, causes some operational difficulties (think about how a computer chock full of junk files and viruses struggles to function efficiently, times a million).

Humans need a good “de-frag” from time to time too.

My work gets things moving. So if you are not in a place where you can safely navigate old memories and emotions coming up as things shift, this is not for you.  Yet.

• Quantum • Somatic • Energy • Healing

I call myself a “light worker” because I literally work with particles of light (the building blocks of all matter). No other reason. No by-passing difficult emotions , or ignoring the shadow. I just can’t be bothered making up another word. 
I’ve spent 20 years working directly with bodies and figuring out their language, working out the intricacies of how to work across different systems (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spirtual), seeing where things overlap/connect, and taking notice of the spaces in between things (where nobody else seemed to be looking). As well as understanding the need to integrate all work, without wiping people out too much, and ensuring that the nervous system can accept the changes.  (For all that I embrace my woo-woo side, I try very hard to be sensible, responsible and grounded.)
This is why EBANSHI has somatic, energetic and quantum components.
What does all that that mean?
SOMATIC = working with and impacting the physical body and the nervous system.
ENERGY WORK = working in the energy field / light bodies / subtle bodies
(physical, etheric/energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual..) Each one of these bodies has a version of a nervous system too.
QUANTUM = accessing everything beyond the above, using quantum entanglement.
Karmic, past life, generational influences, other systems (DNA, behavioural, identity and thought/habit stuff, resources from other dimensions, realms..)
Different physiological systems, as well as the above distinctions; different psychological frameworks; spiritual/esoteric models; as well as an understanding of the possible impacts & likely patterns of different types of life experiences (such as sexual abuse, toxic family dynamics, oppressive cultural and societal systems, abusive work environments..).
EBANSHI is like a liquid diamond, adapting to the unique needs of each session, so it’s kind of hard to quantify. However, whether you prefer hands-on or online delivery is just personal preference. The work, on my end, is all the same work. 
OK. If you are still here and want more, go to the menu and check out the other pages – about me, the work, blogs, contact details & socials links. I do not typically handle inquiries over the phone. Please book a time with me over Zoom or email me if you have questions that remain unanswered by the website.