Expanded Body and Nervous System Healing + Integration

Multi-dimensional healing, delivered live via a video connection to anywhere in the world. Just like a hands-on session, but without the hands! Because of my knowledge of the human body, and my ability to work with multiple energy bodies at once, I am able to offer this work while you are physically somewhere else. Each of the Energy bodies is connected and influence each other – no matter which one we start with.
Everything is essentially made up of particles of light, and I have developed the ability to change the nature of these photons to release trauma. For those ready to fast-track, we can move large amounts of energy VERY quickly this way.
Working with the high level Light Beings in my healing team, as well as your own Soul group and Guides, I access Source Energy to connect to your system. Years of experience creating a safe space to treat people with trauma histories, combined with my knowledge of the human body and behaviour, plus strong boundaries and intention – allow for things to shift quite quickly and easily.
We can reach to the farthest tendrils in these sessions, clearing trauma residues and attuning the nervous system and all of the light bodies (including the physical) to the higher frequencies. Bridging your body to higher consciousness.
Physical structures are still influenced, as well as the emotional shifts, however things move a lot faster without the physical constraints.

Concession rates are available on Distance Work for those in need. Distance Sessions can also be recorded (on request) and re-experienced many times for deeper integration.

*Pre-recorded, Guided sessions will be available soon.

*This is Advanced healing work.  Those with limited experience of the healing journey and the cost of shifting large amounts of Energy;  those who cannot hold space for themselves through big emotions; those who have a tendency to dissociate during Meditation; those who are at-risk of self harming or suicidal actions; or those who may be un-earthing particularly distressing memories; – may not find this method of treatment suitable. It is not wise to risk being triggered into a fragile/reactive state without someone in your immediate physical presence to support you. 
People with more recent or acute Trauma and mental health diagnoses may require a deeper level of support. You may wish to look into treatments such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing or EMDR.