Believe Bigger

You won’t become successful by doing what is “safe”, what is expected of you by others or even what is sensible. In healing. In life. In business. In anything.

To be successful you need to be deeply in tune with your own heart and you need to take risks. Doing what you have already done will never take you any further than you are now. You must go beyond your comfort zone and discover what is out there.

You cannot listen to the doubt. Push it aside. Lock into the bandwidth that says “I can”. That is your Soul’s urging. It is smarter than the little you. Trust it! 

Be present. When you are taking notice, the path ahead will become known to you. 

Make the expansive choice, rather than the conservative one. At least sometimes. Even if it is a small one. It is the doorway to greater things.

Breathe. Make room for yourself and then step into that space. Fill it up with what you want to be. Don’t leave any room for that other stuff.

You’ll be fine. Trust yourself.

*Photo by Donald Tong at Pexels.