Building Something New

Sometimes, in order to build a rock solid foundation, you have to allow everything that isn’t rock solid to crumble. It’s a natural part of the process. When you look back, you think “Well, of course! There was no way I could have allowed those parts to stay.”, because they would have compromised what you were building. As it’s happening though, it can be scary and confusing. This is the part where we most need to trust. 

It’s good to have someone who’s got your back. Who will stop you from running back into the rubble to save the stuff that needs to be let go. I’m so glad I have those people in my life and that I can be that person for someone else. 

Sometimes I get frustrated, as I survey the ruins (again!), that I still don’t seem to have built very high. Then I think about the importance of what I’m building and I’m grateful that it is falling apart at this level. 

*as I review this piece I wrote back in 2014, I think how timely it is for 2020. The world we know certainly seems to be falling apart right now. And maybe this can help us view it as a positive thing. We have known for a long time that the current systems of oppression and suffering needed to be replaced. Maybe this is what’s happening?

Imagine the new systems you would like to see in place. A much fairer economic system, where everybody gets to live a decent quality of life. Free and accessible education. Better healthcare for everybody. Clean air and water. Free and clean energy. Safe and supportive communities. More freedom. Sustainable food and farming practices. No more animal cruelty. Living in harmony with nature. Regenerated land and wild places. Native species returning. Let your imagination run wild with all of the things that would enrich our future world.

*Image by Free Photos from Pixabay.