What does a session look like?

People often wonder “what does a healing session look like online?”

I started off working hands-on with bodies and nervous systems (via the fascia, as well as the energetic pathways), and I still use my hands a lot. To me, so much of working with the body involved looking below the surface – “seeing” through feeling. What was going on? What could I feel? What was out of place? What needed releasing, unwinding or dissolving?

The leap to working hands-off wasn’t as big a leap as you might think, for me. In fact, it made a lot of things easier, because I wasn’t constrained by the pace of the physical tissue.

I still have my eyes closed much of the time. And I still feel my way through. “Looking” on other levels. “Seeing” and sensing what work needs to be done. But it’s now easier to work on multiple levels at once. I’m usually moving in and out from the physical to the other bodies and systems (and they each have their own “nervous systems”), following the threads of information that I can perceive.

Sometimes I’m in “search & destroy” mode – looking for trauma particles and dissolving or releasing them. Sometimes I’m building. Weaving in new structures/capacity to help strengthen the nervous system. Sometimes things feel very old, like they belong to another lifetime. Sometimes I’m repairing DNA or the sacred geometry contained in the soul blueprint. Sometimes I’m taken to other places I don’t recognise, but get a sense of what I need to do there. Lots of this is really subtle and hard to translate into language. It can also move really fast. Too fast to fully keep up with, because I’m working as my Higher Self and communicating telepathically with my Healing Team (for want of better language).

Most clients are happy to close their eyes and go into a deeply relaxed state, listening to the music while I work (and I do my best to scribble down notes as I go, to offer a rundown at the end). Others prefer me to talk them through what is happening as we go (although this does slow me down somewhat, because I have less focus to follow all of the various moving parts in motion). I do my best to assess priorities and give people what they need and build in the coding for their system to integrate the work without feeling too wiped out or shaken up.

Mostly, people feel quite tired after a session. And usually kind of calm and peaceful, or a little lighter. That’s because of all the work I do to ensure peaceful integration. I’m not going for a “peak-state” shift. Because that can be really difficult for the body to handle, and we don’t want to risk overwhelming your nervous system so that it rejects what we’ve done. It can also take a while for everything to settle in and land properly. Sometimes a couple of weeks. Everyone’s different. But in general, I believe that slower is faster in the long term where the nervous system is concerned. And that’s the boss when any big change or healing work is at play – so I ALWAYS refer to it and work through it.

And an added benefit of working over Zoom is that we can record the session, so you can play it again and have the energy assimilate more deeply into your system. It’s very rarely a “one-and-done” when you are healing old trauma and belief paradigms. Plus, we are living in a time of rapidly changing conditions. It’s much better to try and work consistently, at a pace that your system can handle, than to try and do too much and have it shut down or tip you into a “healing crisis”.

Most of my clients are old hands at receiving energy work, and can feel how much is going on. Some are less aware, but seem to feel a resonance with what I relay to them as my perceptions. I do love it when people are able to confirm what was going on – “Oh, yes! I could feel when you were working on my shoulder, there was all of this energy shooting up my neck” or when my descriptions of things I’ve seen or felt resonate as meaningful for them.

If this sounds like just what you need, then please head over to light-worker-support.com and book in a session or a discovery call. I’d love to get started on helping you clear out the energetic clutter, so that your system has room to thrive.