Keeping it simple with this cartoon. This is some behind-the-scenes.

I do a very careful and thorough set-up before each client, setting strong boundaries and intentions, and making sure that I drop into my “Healing State” so that I can safely give myself over to my intuitive side. I make sure that only high level Energies and our own Healing Teams are allowed in the room, and that none of the nasties released are going to attach themselves to anyone else. Clean-up is always taken care of by the Violet Flame – transmuting the energy before sending it off to be recycled.

All of the Source-channeled energy work is happening in the background, as my hands communicate with the fascia and muscles, calming and regulating the nervous system as I go. Seeking out unprocessed emotion and other information with a trauma-signature that feels ready to shift. Every session is so different. Sometimes I’m out in the Quantum field accessing DNA, or the genetic or soul origins of trauma. Sometimes it’s all about what’s happening in this body, right now – exploring cellular levels and bone matrix, all the way through to the major muscle structures and organs (even the brain). It’s incredibly diverse and interesting work!

You know what to do, if you need some of that trauma/stress load taken off.