Earth’s 5D Template

The new energy template for Earth was finally bedded in between June 6-10 2019. A lot of people felt it. Indeed, even non-woo-woo types were aware of experiencing big shifts!

Our physical bodies (particularly our nervous systems) have been receiving upgrades for some time in preparation for operating at a much higher frequency. Some felt it earlier than others. We are all at our own stage of evolving energetically. If you’ve been reading the stuff I’ve been sharing from Elizabeth Peru, she has been clueing us all in about this for some time.

I, myself experienced some pretty big upgrades during the June 6-10 period as well as some true soul evolution. I’m also being nudged to dig deep and evolve my work in order to step into a role as one of the “Healers of the Healers of the New Age”. (Their words, not mine). Pretty exciting stuff for this little woo-woo chicken!!

But back to you. I’m sure you’ve been feeling it? The news is good. As hard as some of the work has been, it’s leading us forward. The previous few months have been bringing up some of our deepest stuff. Because we’ve really needed to leave it behind. It can’t survive in the new energies flooding into Earth.

On this side of things we are healing and integrating much faster. The old rules don’t apply anymore. It no longer has to be painful to upgrade. We get to choose how we process our upgrades now. You could choose to process in your sleep. Or have them running in the background while you go about your day (like modern computers, can, as opposed to years ago when we had to wait for a couple of hours). Just choose.

Along with the upgrades, I’ve been been told that manifestation is also more immediate. So watch your thoughts! Create a better world for yourself. Choose to be safe. Choose to be abundant. Choose to be happy. Keep choosing it every day.

In the meantime, look after your body while it adjusts. Drink lots of water. Have Epsom Salts baths. Rest when you need to. Keep up your spiritual practices, regular movement and eat well. Be kind in thought and deed. To yourself and others.

It’s a great time to get bodywork, healing and other energetic work that supports your system. Meditate. Dance. Spend time in nature, with animals and with people who make you feel good.

Read, listen to and watch inspiring things. (I’ve heard that the movie 2040 is amazing!). Invest your time, energy and focus in what you want to see more of in your life and in the world. Don’t get caught up in old, negative/dense vibration thinking or drama. Remember that the world view presented to you via the media is heavily skewed and biased.