Conversations With Bodies

Our bodies remember everything. Our cells hang onto traumatic experiences. A lot of trauma gets stored in the fascia.

Sometimes, a part of someone’s body will go into “lockdown” to protect what is stored there. I can feel this. It’s like a layer of steel or concrete that says “nothing to see here. Go no further. You may not access what is under here. It’s too painful. I’m not showing you nuthin”.

It’s a defence mechanism that was laid down when the trauma happened, in the same way that we develop psychological defences. It’s to protect us from the really big stuff, that we weren’t equipped to deal with at the time. Those structures are there for a reason, and I never try to force my way past them.

(I often like to liken this work to a whole house renovation, when it’s a real fixer-upper. Things need to be addressed in careful order, if you don’t want to make an even bigger mess. No knocking down a supporting wall while that’s the only thing holding the ceiling up!)

These things will come to the surface to be released, right when they are ready. And forcing them out before their time can be dangerous. I won’t do that. I’m all about respecting the wisdom and order of the body system.

I can, however, take some of the subsidiary load off the area. We can gently release the outer layers that ARE safe to move. I can listen compassionately to what it says (yes, bodies “speak” to me.). I can connect the soul particles in the mitochondria of the cells back to Source energy, so that this communication channel is restored. I can allow my “team” to impart information that the cells can use to slowly evaluate any parts that they might find safe to unwind or release in their own time.