Cord Cutting

Have you heard of energy cords and hooks? As energetic beings, our energy fields are always interacting. It’s how we get our “feelings” about someone. Some people make us feel icky, others good. You can often tell when you enter a room, what sort of mood you’ve interrupted.

Sometimes people project thoughts or feelings towards you and, especially when it’s negative, it can “hook into” your energy field, kind of polluting it. There are also permanent cords connecting you to family and lovers.

Ever noticed that some conversations leave you feeling drained? (Sucking your energy), while others leave you feeling uplifted (giving you energy)? Sometimes people can seek to manipulate you or wish you harm.

Either way, it’s a good idea to regularly cut, clear and cleanse our cords.

There are many ways to do this, and Google probably has many ideas for you. One of the most common I’ve heard of is to ask Archangel Michael to use his blue flame sword. (But then you can only do one at a time, and you might miss some?)

At the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre, we were taught to use a cylinder of light (I made it out of the same kind of light that Michael’s sword was made out of), to come down over our bodies like a cookie cutter. I liked this idea better, because you don’t have to be aware of where they all are, – you just get them all. And it’s quick. (I used to make the shwoosh/cutting sound when I did it and imagine the cords falling away and dissolving). 😉

But, sometimes I would wonder about the ends that were attached to my body. We’re they still flapping about there? Did they just fall out, once they weren’t being fed anymore?

So, I adapted it. I shrunk the cylinder in close to my body, and kind of squeezed myself through it. But that felt a little bit claustrophobic, so I reduced it to a circle of light and rolled it down over my body, from the top of my head to right underneath my feet. (Yes, I know. It kind of reminds me of rolling a condom down over yourself too, but it’s open ended, so no claustrophobia! And the protection aspect of that imagery/feelery isn’t bad?)

Anyway. It works for me. So play with it and see what works best for you. You may have to repeat the process of cord cutting many times a day, if you have somebody particularly persistent in your life. But eventually, they should get the hint and look elsewhere for their fix.

For an extra layer, call in a big bubble of golden Source light to protect your entire energy field. If you set boundaries, asking it not to let any vibrations lower than love (unconditional love is even better) come through – then any new cords that come slithering your way should just bounce right off.

Let me know how you go with it. It’s an essential skill for sensitive people and empaths to learn. Especially when heading out into places like big shopping centres! It’s a game changer.