Old Trauma

Lots of people carry old trauma around in their bodies. Some of it isn’t even theirs. We carry generational trauma and karmic issues with us, as well as a lifetime of trauma residues, old beliefs and expectations.

After a while, any unacknowledged trauma becomes toxic. It can make you sick or create pain, so that you will pay attention to it. Stuff that’s ready to go, often releases pretty easily, as soon as the opportunity presents. Some trauma is embedded and tangled pretty deep. It builds protection mechanisms around itself, and sometimes we need to hang onto those things for a while, until the system feels safe to let go.

I am a great believer in honouring the right time for things. I never push anything that isn’t ready yet. I just help it become a little more ready.

When the body and the nervous system feel safe, then there is no more need to hang on to the trauma and it just lets go. Easily. Once that energy is freed up you can use it for better things.