Inner Guidance

Things at the moment seem to be all about checking in with your internal compass. There is so much division and deliberate misinformation coming through (no matter which direction you look in), that there is no other way. Our traditional sources of information can no longer be trusted. With so many lies being presented as truth, and the truth being presented as lies, we are being forced within to evaluate EVERYTHING. This isn’t a bad thing. If we are creating a new world, then it is far better to do it with great discernment at this point. And it just takes practice to do that.

Check in with your body whenever you receive information. Even if you trusted the source before, a lot is being intercepted and distorted right now. We are all off balance with the current state of the world. It’s really easy for something funky to slip in and influence us temporarily. It takes dedication to keep coming back to our centre, every day and feel into what is true for YOU. But it’s well worth establishing the practice. Check into how your body is responding. How your nervous system is being activated. Cross-reference with your own code of ethics, values and beliefs before you act on anything. Does following this information cause you to behave in ways that are not in alignment with your core values? Is this course of action in alignment with your soul’s plan and purpose? Is my (very human) need to be accepted by this group, causing me to silence my inner voice? Do you feel at ease or conflicted?

In times of great change and uncertainty, it’s very natural to look for structure, to look for a leader to follow. But so many of our leaders are being exposed as corrupt (and others are being framed that way), and many of the structures we used to trust are crumbling around us (and many of them probably should). Even much of history has been re-framed and presented to favour a certain agenda. But we can still look at it to learn how easy it is to be misled. Now more than ever, your intuition has great value. Your inner knowing has always been there and you already know how to use it. Just look for where you’ve listened to it in the past. It’s most often present in creative pursuits, so that may be a good place to start.

My example is cooking. I find learning anything new a bit like following a recipe. Sometimes I follow the steps for the first time, before making changes to suit myself. Sometimes I just glance at it and use it as a jumping off point, because it gives me just enough information to know what I want to do. I just use the recipe for inspiration. I always cook by feel (because, duh, I am predominately clairsentient) and listen to my instincts. It’s an activity that puts me in flow, and I can instantly tell when I’m off. For you it may be painting, dancing, playing music or even going for a walk in nature. Start noticing when you are following an inner cue to go a certain way. Then you will notice more cues.

This was the way when I first started doing my distance bodywork. I had been trained to send distant healing at the Spiritualist Church, but it really didn’t seem to be able to translate what I was doing with my hands. So I referred to a friend who told me how they sent distance Reiki. I tried it once that way. It didn’t quite feel right for me, because it was too vague for me to expect my clients to trust. But I then immediately had an idea of how I could do it. It kicked off the inspiration for my inner knowing. So, in the beginning, I pretty much closed my eyes, pictured the body in front of me and still worked worked with it the same way. Tuning in to the physical structures and the fascia and moving my hands, as it they were right under them. I knew I needed a specific session time booked, so they knew when I was working on them, and evolved from a check-in call at the beginning and end of the session, to having the line open the whole time so that they could communicate with me, to the video calls, so that they could also see me working on them. However, right from the start, people said they felt me as if I was right there with them and felt exactly the same as if they had just gotten an actual massage. I also remembered how Kinesiology works using a surrogate, and though that didn’t feel right either, it was an idea that later got adapted and woven in. Kinda.

The same when beginning to work with the Quantum realm. I followed my mentor’s instructions, but found my own way within that. We are supposed to find our own way. Because we each have a unique purpose and frequency. There were things that felt right, but I didn’t understand yet. I just put them aside for later and focused on what I did know. Eventually they dropped into place, exactly where they were supposed to. After all, the basics of playing a violin are the same. And yet, no two people play it the same way. Which is awesome! Because we get to experience such a rich, varied and ongoing expression of music. And art. And food. And healing.

We each have our own individual expression of everything. Even the truth. Even whether we should follow a certain directive or not. When fires tore through our country last year, people had to make decisions about things like leaving horses corralled or setting them free. Depending on how the fire front went, either decision could potentially keep them safe or put them in danger. In those moments, when you can’t know the outcome of your actions, you have only yourself. Only your inner guidance. Only your intuition. And if that’s the case in those moments, then maybe it’s the case in all moments?

Let’s leave other people to find their own way, trusting in their innate goodness, and their reasons for doing what they do. And concentrate on finding ours. I feel that we can have a much greater positive influence that way. By following and feeding our own inner light and letting it shine as brightly as possible. The more we align to our own inner frequency, the more likely we are to contribute the right piece at the right time. And so are others. Even if we don’t understand them yet.

Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels