Polarised Views

I’m seeing a lot of memes and posts lately that either attack people for their views on the pandemic, or present some highly nuanced opinion as absolute truth. I’m actually not on board with the shaming I’m seeing on EITHER side of the argument. Both of them activate my nervous system and make me feel unsafe, because they feel like bullying. I’m pretty sure calling people names or excluding them isn’t going to help anyone make the best decisions. And we ALL have to navigate this, right?
I’m very much for free choice with any health and medical option. Every individual person has their own experiences and reasons for what they do, and every individual body responds differently to interventions and medications. It’s not an area where there can be an absolute truth for all.
In this case, one person may get very sick or die because they got the treatment, another may get sick or die because they didn’t. I would personally hate to influence anybody towards a decision that was wrong for THEM.
It doesn’t fit with my own beliefs about raising the vibration of the planet and anchoring in new timelines to be rigid in my biases. I either believe the world is changing rapidly for the better and the forces of good are winning, or I don’t. And I do. So I need to live like I do. And that has meant adjusting my thinking quite a bit over the last few months (years). It means responding to what is happening around me differently. It means seeing the positive potential and working to bring it about. Working with things as they are, instead of fighting against them. Either I’m leaving old paradigms behind, or I’m dragging them with me.
50% of what we believe to be true is no doubt bullshit. But we don’t know which 50%. (especially right now, when there is so much conflicting information bombarding us, as well as deliberate misinformation.) I think it’s a bit harsh to judge people for what they believe, in these circumstances. So, I’m working with what comes my way. I ask – “if this is happening, then how can it be OK?” – a lot. Maybe the outcome can be lifted higher than I can see right now? And since what we believe to be true can influence a lot of our reality right now, I’m checking in on that too. I’m nurturing thoughts and beliefs that soothe my nervous system and help me feel balanced and OK, instead of ones that make me catastrophize and worry. I know that I make much better decisions from a calm and aligned centre, so I do more to make sure that I stay there. I also acknowledge that some decisions MIGHT get taken out of my hands in the future. I figure I’m far less likely to get sick or have any adverse reactions when I’m not overly stressed or worried.
I’ve traditionally had a lot of issues with the agenda of big pharma. I’m also, personally, very sensitive to pharmaceutical medicine, so I take a lot of care with other aspects of my health, so that I can avoid needing them. However, I also have a life partner who works at Melbourne’s main covid hospital, and he had to get the AZ, so it’s an every day presence for us. And a child who has been badly affected by this pandemic, for whom the idea of being vaxd would alleviate a lot of anxiety. So, I’ve spent a lot of time working with this in my own nervous and belief systems in order to find a way to be OK with it. And I don’t appreciate people who don’t realise how hard I’ve worked, trying to drag me out of that space.
As someone who works with advanced concepts of frequency and ascension, I probably see the world a little differently to most people. But my work is about raising frequencies/expanding possibilities, shifting timelines and realities to dissolve negative influences, etc.  I already work with DNA repair and I know that with healing/illness – one’s beliefs and emotions are often more powerful than any treatment refused or accepted. So I have no fear left on the issue, either way, and am quite surprised and delighted to find myself here. I’m not interested in dissuading anyone from their own valid experiences and opinions. There have been deaths and ongoing, serious health issues from the virus. And there have been deaths and ongoing, serious health issues from the vax as well. I understand both the jumping on board and the hesitancy to get jabbed. I don’t think either camp is necessarily stupid or uninformed. I do believe that people should be supported in making the best decisions for themselves.
I do worry about the polarising and magnification of issues like wearing masks or getting tested or jabbed, at the expense of the wider view and our humanity. Is it making us behave just as badly as the people we oppose? Is it pulling us off the path we purport to be on? There are no doubt a lot of other health, political and social issues going on, but these smaller things are eclipsing our conversations. Maybe holding specific government and industry accountable for actual decisions that threaten our autonomy and quality of life would be more appropriate than being at each other’s throats? Most people are just doing their best to get by. Some people absolutely cannot wear a mask. That doesn’t mean they are assholes. Some people see mask wearing as effective, considerate or a minimal inconvenience they are happy to do. It doesn’t mean they are mindless, fear-driven sheep. Excluding people for their beliefs and limiting their choices has never sat well with me. Neither has forcing anything on anyone. This is nothing new in my ideology.
No matter which side of whatever debate you are on, it can be a bit confronting reading lots of vehement opinion which shouts down your own feelings. It can really dysregulate your nervous system. So, please remember to be respectful and kind when sharing your opinions. I get how easy it is to just share a meme. Trust me, I’ve made mistakes before and not anticipated a negative reaction. But, you never know who is reading and what they are going through. Everyone has the right to make a right and clear decision for themselves.  Or to be OK with a decision already made.
Remember that some people won’t feel they have a choice in this issue – there isn’t a lot of benefit in amplifying any fear they already may have. I would like to see us all make it through this period relatively unscathed. How can we best support people to do so?
* image – This cartoon can be found, in several different forms, from an image search of “six nine right wrong.” (from lensshift.org)