I finally took her up on an offer for some distance body work. I felt pretty good afterwards for a day… And then I felt like I’d been punched in the jaw!
That was because Ursula uncovered layers of shame and guilt that had been buried deep in my being that I had not yet been able to access and release.   It’s been quite a process but it’s got a big light at the end of the tunnel.  Hence I’ve been a bit AWOL
My body has felt looser and the best part is a huge improvement in what appeared to be a spinal torsion I’ve been carrying.  The left side of my chest pushed out further than the right, but that is now about 80% improved.  I thought there was going to be months or years of work to correct that.
Try it out.  It might not be a smooth ride afterwards (I’m sure it is most of the time!) but it will be worth it.

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