Today I had the pleasure of experiencing the most amazing healing session, I had not experienced anything so profound, I was totally unaware of what to expect, so I trusted, and opened myself up and allowed the magic to begin.

I felt the energy in my feet start to move, then felt it moving through my legs, it was like a wave was happening inside me, then it started again at my feet, I felt it rising through me and releasing through my crown chakra, again it started at my feet, and through me until it exited through my crown. Each time, I was feeling lighter and lighter, this was a 30-minute session, and by the end, I could not feel my shoulders, all my “excess” baggage was removed. I was cautioned about trying to make sudden movements, as my body would be still adjusting, I went for my usual walk, went to cut in front of people and nearly tripped over, my legs were still adjusting, my reaction time was limited slightly..

I can not recommend a healing session highly enough, this is the most profound session I have ever en-counted. Wow just WOW!. Thank you.

What a gifted lady to work with.