After my initial distance session with Ursula, I needed a few days to get some perspective on the results. I felt unusual… calm is the word I keep coming back to. After 13 years of emotional abuse and nine months of heartbreaking grief for a child maliciously estranged by her mother, I have been used to constant anxiety and repeated bouts of depression, but after one hour with Ursula I literally felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

I don’t know how or why what she does works – I don’t think she does completely, either – and that can be confronting for a born cynic like me. But I was open to healing in any shape it came in, and I have no hesitation recommending Ursula to anyone in need of help. I felt more positive effects from a one-hour session with Ursula than a dozen sessions with a psychiatrist.

I can’t thank you enough, Ursula. The pain is still there, but I am processing it better, clinging to it far less tightly, and as mentioned, feel calmer and more able to live in the moment without so much anxiety. I will definitely be back for a ‘top-up’ session soon.